So, Are You Confused About Air Compression?

At Air Compressed Power, we understand that there are various use cases for compressed air. Compressed air can be used through various means.

One type of compressed air mechanism is positive-displacement. Basically, what this means is that your compressed air can be used in order to pump air in your tire, turn screws when guide the power of air, or retain air at high volumes. From agriculture to industrial factories, the advents of compressed air are stunningly endless.


In agriculture, air compressors can be used to be spray crops. In dentistry, it can be used to dry mouths after a decent cleaning. In dry cleaning, pressurized air can be use to operate laundry presses and steam cleaners. Yes, the uses of compressed air are endless – so much so that all of it wouldn’t be able to fit here.

Of course, we understand that different people use air compressors for different industries but what about different markets?

Different types of people use air compressors for different reasons. Consumers use air compressors for simple tasks like inflating car tires and balloons for a party. At Air Compressed Power, we focus more entirely on industrial and professional uses for compressed air.

This means that we sell and even service professional-grade and industrial-grade air compressors that can carry much more power with more powerful pressurized air than some average consumer-grade air compressor can do.

With a short explanation on what compressed air can do, here’s a helpful guide for you to understanding compressed air parts, products, and services generally, from yours truly at Compressed Air Power.

Compressed Air Parts

When buying compressed air parts, it’s highly important that you buy the highest-quality compressed air parts.

It’s easy to skimp on the costs for some resold highest-quality compressed air parts – until you find out that you may have bought the wrong the compressed air parts for your product.


And that is the best case scenario. The worst-case scenario is that you ended up using a subpar-quality compressed air product that results in getting repairs.

This is why At Compressed Air Parts, we are only factory authorized Quincy distributor in Arizona. This means that we use high-quality shipments from Quincy in order to ensure that your air compressor machine is working properly.

We carry several parts such as Hard parts & kits, compressor oil, air intake filter, oil filter, air/oil separator, coalescer filter, and air end Repair.

These compressed air parts are available through Compressed Air Parts.