Compressed Air Rentals

You may need more than just compressed air parts for your compressed air machinery. You may need to actually rent out an entire machine for some task that needs to be done. You may need to rent out air compressors because of an emergency with one of your rotary screw compressors getting burnt out.

Better yet, you may need to rent air compressors just in case your air compressors end up stop working one day.

We have air compressors on standby on the off day where your air compressor immediately stop working.

Rotary Screw Vacuums and Rotary Screw Vacuum Services

Rotary screw vacuums maneuvers gas along the length of the screws. The uses for rotary screw vacuums can be used for various uses such as drying, food freeze drying, lamination, food cooling, and coating.

Another thing that you need to be aware is that rotary screw type vacuum can reach high levels of 10 to 100 microns. As a result of this, the result, the rotary screw can reach piping hot temperatures of at least 660 degrees.

Of course, spraying the coat can help the reduce the heat. We also offer maintenance services for rotary screw vacuums so we can effectively keep your rotary screw running efficiently and for a long time..

Compressed Air Dryers

Another tool in the pressurized air arsenal would be Compressed Air Power Dryers, machinery used to remove water vapor from air that has been compressed. These tools would be perfect for industrial and commercial facilities. The best way to determined if you have a workable and even great performing compressed air dryer is to measure their performance by the dew point, which the temperature that air has to be cooled into combined with water vapor.

In contrast to rotary screw vacuums whereas overheating can becoming a large problem, too much water in compressed air can lead you have to get repairs for your compressed air dryers.