Refrigerated Air Dryers

Refrigerated Air Dryers

Refrigeration dryers are differ from traditional air dryers by using two heat exchangers, with one exchanger being used for air-to-air while the other is used for air-to-refrigeration. The objective behind this setup that is the cold outgoing cools down hot incoming air, preventing condensation or excessive amounts of it. That way, you can save money on not having to call us to replace or repair your dryers.



Regenerative Air Dryers

Regenerative air dryers, usually known as “regens”, differs from refrigerated air dryers. Most regenerative air dryers are constructed with a twin-tower setup. There are just three types of regenerative air types that you need to be aware of simply: heatless (no internal or external heaters); heated (internal or external heaters); and finally, heat of compression. The advantage to having a regenerative air dryer is that there are low dew points so you don’t have to worry about your dryer drying up while initial disadvantage is that there is high cost with this type of dryer.

Compressed Air Filters

Air Compressors can get dirty, just like everything in this world. Because of this, another tool in your arsenal that you will need are compressed air filters. Of course, the compressed air filter cannot do the job all on its own, it needs to be combined with a regulator and an oiler in order to complete an air set. Compressed air is very susceptible to attracting too much moisture and water so having the necessary equipment is necessary to clean the your air compressors clean and still in use.

Compressed Air Piping

When using compressed air, it’s important to know which pipes to use. This is important because compressed air can be dangerous if misused. The pipe that you should never use with compressed air is PVC pipe, even if everyone and their mother is using it. The reason why you shouldn’t be jumping off of the PVC friends is because PVC is so inexpensive that over time, it can shatter because it can’t handle the pressure of compressed air. The pipe that you should be using is black pipe because it’s strong and durable. Another good option to use for compressed air is copper piper because bear in mind that copper pipe is expensive.

Like we stated before, you don’t want to skimp out on the prices when it comes to compressed air.